Can't seem to get tk to work (Ubuntu based OS)

Hi there!

I’ve been messing about with Ruby off and on for several months now. Largely by reading through a second hand copy of Fitzgerald’s “Learning Ruby” (gotta start somewhere, eh?). Well, I could not install it with $ sudo apt-get install libtcltk-ruby in the terminal.

So, I tried using Synaptic. That sort of worked. It installed these packages: tc, tclsh, tclsh8.6, and tcpdump. However, when I tried accessing tk with require ‘tk’ it didn’t work.

If someone could give a nudge in the right direction to make tk work on my system, that would be very nice indeed.

As the topic says, I’m using an Ubuntu-based OS. In this case Peppermint 9.

Thanks in advance!

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