Can't Install Rails. Can any one help Please!

I keep getting an error message when i try an install rails. I am using
xp.These are the steps i took.

  1. Download the One-click ruby installer from rubyforge (warning this is a big file!).
    The one I used was ruby186-25.exe but there may be a later version
    available. To be able to run the whole environment from a USB stick I’d
    really recommend you have about 500MB free (maybe it’s time to buy a new

  2. Double-click on the installer, after clicking next a few times, a
    screen like the one shown below is displayed (pic of installation

3.Ensure you install on your USB stick, not the C drive (check the drive
letter, as shown. Mine is J:, yours may vary)

i used C drive, was told to do it on usb to because was doing it on

  1. Once Ruby is installed, open a cmd prompt (enter cmd into the ‘run’
    box from the start menu) change to your ruby directory (e.g. j:\ruby )
    and enter the follow command:

  2. gem install rails -y

  3. You may need to add the ruby directory to your system path, the
    setenv.bat file discussed in class will do this – the command is:

  4. set path=%PATH%;j:\ruby\bin;

  5. Remember to change the drive letter (j: in the example above) to
    match the letter assigned to your USB stick. This will probably be
    different for each system – it’s a windows foible – what a wonderful
    system :slight_smile: (maybe you should try Linux? – ok Rant over.) This is why we
    suggested in the lecture that you put the command above in its own file,
    which we called setenv.bat, so that it’s easy to change

  6. The gem command should install rails, see below for a database

I got stuck on step 5 and i also used ruby186-27_rc2.exe
"error: does not appear to be a repository

error: could not find gem rails locally or in a repository"

Can anyone help please!

Try this:

gem install rails --source

This won’t fix the problem with Gem though.
What is the Gem environment?

gem env