Can't Get Caching to Work with Heroku and Memcache

I’m on Heroku and trying to implement caching in my Rails app, but I’m
running into some problems that I don’t understand. I thought it would
easy after reading the Rails Guide and Heroku docs on caching
but apparently doing something wrong.

Issue 1: view of action doesn’t seem to expire Issue 2: when I use
=> false, both my admin and app layout are used (trying to only get the
application layout)

Any help for this newbie would be most appreciated!

production.rb (also installed dalli per heroku documentation)

config.cache_store = :dalli_store
config.action_controller.perform_caching = true (added after reading


layout ‘admin’
caches_action :show, :layout => false

def show
render :layout => ‘application’

def update
expire_action :action => :show

I tried to test the expiration by changing a product, but the show view
does not expire. So when I look at edit view for products, which I’m not
caching, I can see the change saved (just added a word to the title),
when I view show, it still has the old info.