Can't find RMagick on Windows?

I followed the RMagick installation instructions for Windows and
everything appeared to go fine. I added the

require ‘rubygems’
require ‘RMagick’

lines to my controller. I get a MissingSourceFile error, with the
msg : no such file to load – RMagick

I’m using InstantRails2.0, which uses Rails 2.0.2 and Ruby 1.8.6. I’m
pretty new to Ruby and Rails, so I don’t know what other info to
provide or what kinds of commands I could run to get more info on my

Would appreciate any help!


bumping for hopefully a fresh look in the morning, hope that’s ok

also, I have validated that I can find RMagick via irb running from
the directory of this app in InstantRails. That was not the case at
first, because I initially installed it into the system-wide ruby
space, which is apparently not visible from apps running under
InstantRails. So I installed RMagick into the InstantRails2-0/rails-
apps/myapp space under InstantRails and hoped that would clear up this
problem, but it hasn’t.