Can't find nginx-extras 1.9 mainline in any repo

Just installed Ubuntu 15.04 and rather surprised to see it’s still
nginx-extras (1.6.2-5ubuntu3)

So I added the recommended official repo as per

deb Index of /packages/mainline/ubuntu/ vivid nginx

except, vivid gave a “not found” so I tried

deb Index of /packages/mainline/ubuntu/ utopic nginx

which happily offered 1.9, but nginx-extras was still stuck at 1.6. I
extras is not an official repo thing?

So, I tried the alternative

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nginx/development

but that is only offering 1.7.12-1+vivid0

Is it just a case of “sit and wait for them to catch up”, or is there a
up-to-date repo of the extras build?


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