Can't find my join table

Hey there,

I was following up on some tutorials about has_many(_and_belongs_to).
There it was explain that i should make a join table as such:

create_table ‘cards_users’, :id => false do |t|
t.column ‘card_id’, :integer
t.column ‘user_id’, :integer

So i did, but now i wanna add a record via my rails console (@a =
Cards_users.create :card_id => 1, :user_id => 1) but it keeps telling
whatever i try with the capitals etc., that Cards_users(and all other
options) is an uninitialized constant. And in some cases(all lowercased)
it’s an undefined local variable or method.

What do i do?:frowning:

Thanks in advance

Close. Try @a =
Then @a.card_id = value & @a.user_id = value

Thanks alot,
in that case i’d like to ask the following question (since after some
tutorials it’s still unclear to me)

I’ve got card_id = 1 and user_id = 1 in my DB now. In my user.rb i’ve
got the has_and_belongs_to_many:cards and in cards i’ve got
has_and_belongs_to_many:users. However, if i get all cards (@cards =
Cards.all) and loop through them i don’t have a user_id in my loop.

So what i’m actually trying to ask is, how do i get all cards that
belong to user 1?

On 14 June 2012 13:23, Timen E. [email protected] wrote:

belong to user 1?
If you have a User in @user then all his cards are available as

I think it would be worth your while working through good tutorial
such as which is free to use online. Then you will
learn the fundamentals of Rails.