Can't debug with JRuby?!?!?


Well, after several years of hoping I finally landed a job that is at
least 50% Ruby development, woo hoo :slight_smile: Now then, we’re also doing a
good bit of JRuby development and I’ve run into a snag which googling
and searching this group has failed to resolve: I can’t debug from
JRuby! I’ve got to believe I’m doing something wrong that’s so obvious
I’m missing it. On JRuby 0.9.8 and 1.0.1, when I try to debug I get
the following (see below) and I can’t list the code, set break points
or anything else other than “continue.” Straight ruby has no problem
and debugs as usual. I suspect the Signal.trap warning indicates that
what the debugger needs to do is not yet supported but I find it hard
to believe JRuby has gotten as far as it has w/the inability to debug
with it. Anyone know what’s up?



516-> jruby -r debug -d /tmp/x.rb
/usr/lib/jruby-ut0.9/lib/ruby/1.8/debug.rb:764 warning: Signal.trap:
Signals is currently not implemented in JRuby and will not work
Emacs support available.

(rdb:1) list
[-4, 5] in /tmp/x.rb
No sourcefile available for /tmp/x.rb

Try NetBeans 6.0 10m


Robert wrote:

Try NetBeans 6.0 10m


Actually, the dailies are far more stable right now…don’t use M10.

  • Charlie