Can't debug scripts from IntelliJ

Any ideas how can I debug my unit tests in IDEA 10? It executes the
following command:

“c:\applications\jetbrains\intellij idea 10.0\jre\jre\bin\java.exe”
-Xverify:none -da -Xmx500m -Xss1024k -cp
C:\Java\jruby-1.6.1\lib\jruby.jar -Djruby.base=C:\Java\jruby-1.6.1
-Djruby.home=C:\Java\jruby-1.6.1 -Djruby.lib=C:\Java\jruby-1.6.1\lib“cmd.exe” -Djruby.script=jruby.bat
-Djruby.reflection=true -Djruby.compile.mode=OFF
-Djruby.debug.fullTrace=true org.jruby.Main -X+O --debug -S
–port 64445 –
-n test_find_automatic_chargecode_with_automatic_chargecode
Fast Debugger (ruby-debug-ide 0.4.17.beta3, ruby-debug-base
listens on

but then cannot connect to the process:


Has anybody had any luck debugging JRuby from IDEA?

Behrang S.


Not sure if it is because you are using ruby plugin for IntelliJ, but
the debugger just works fine inside Rubymine with JRuby.

For a while, with latest JRuby, I remember I needed to disable Debugger
gem in gem file, but I this wont be necessary in the latest RM.

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