Can't convert String into Integer error on updating

<% form_for (:contact,:url=>{:controller=>‘contact’,:action =>
‘update’,:id => @contact},:html=> {:onSubmit => ‘return validate()’, :id
=> ‘savecontact’} ) do -%>

<% for email in @contact.emails %> <% fields_for "contact[email_attributes][]", email do |e| %> <% end %> <% end %>
Email Addresses
Email <%= ('email_type',%w{Business Personal}, :include_blank => false) %> <%= e.text_field :email,:size=>"35",:maxlength=>"80" %> <%= e.radio_button ('isprimary', '1') %>Primary
. . is my view page and here is my update function in contact_cotroller.rb

def update
@contact = Contact.find(params[:id])
if @contact.update_attributes!(params[:contact])
flash[:notice] = “The contact has been updated successfully.”
redirect_to :action => ‘view’, :id => @contact
render :action => ‘edit’
is throwing the following error
can’t convert String into Integer

RAILS_ROOT: E:/ruby1/Ruby/BCMS
Application Trace | Framework Trace | Full Trace

app/models/contact.rb:11:in []' app/models/contact.rb:11:inemail_attributes=’
app/models/contact.rb:10:in each' app/models/contact.rb:10:inemail_attributes=’
app/controllers/contact_controller.rb:59:in `update

Where am i going wrong…??

and my contact.rb is class Contact < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :company, :counter_cache => false
has_many :users
has_many :addresses
has_many :emails
has_many :phones
validates_presence_of :namefirst, :namelast,:message=>‘Database
Validation Error from Contact’

def email_attributes=(email_attributes)
email_attributes.each do |attributes| unless attributes[“email”].empty?

plz help

Just a guess…

On Nov 17, 7:57 pm, Raji M. [email protected]

color=“fffff”>Email Addresses

<% for email in @contact.emails %> <% fields_for "contact[email_attributes][]", email do |e| %>

So this will generate
params[:contact][:email_attributes][<email_id>][<email_field>] =>

Each element in this params is a hash.
Check your server logs to verify that that is what you’re getting.

can’t convert String into Integer
Where am i going wrong…??
def email_attributes=(email_attributes)
email_attributes.each do |attributes|

email_attributes is a hash with keys being email id’s pointing to
email attributes.
See previous note above.
When you do email_attributes.each |attributes| , ‘attributes’ will be
an array with the first
value being the key and the 2nd element being the value. unless attributes["email"].empty?

Calling attributes[“email”] would trigger the above conversion error
because arrays expect numeric indexes.


Also, I noticed you’re saying “:id => @contact” . I would have though but might be missing something.

Daniel B.