Can't connect to default rails page

Host: DigitalOcean
OS: Ubuntu 12.04
Ruby: 2.0.0p247
Rails: 3.2.0

  • LAMP installed.
  • Switched WEBrick out for Thin.

I’m trying to follow a tutorial online (hence the Rails 3.2.0 version).
I make my blog (rails new quick_blog -T). I then run ‘rails server’ and
I can see it start fine at the console.

I then try and hit the IP:3000 and get nothing. If I hit the IP then I
get the default Apache page.

Can anyone offer some assistance?


Usually, the :3000 is when you are hosting the site on your development
machine, and you can serve with Thin or Webrick from localhost:3000
after starting the server on your console. But if you do that on your
server, the only “person” who will be able to network to it will be
another user on the server itself.

If you’re just doing a tutorial, why get a server involved at all? Just
host it on your Mac, start the server from the terminal as you have
done, and open up a browser to localhost:3000.

If you want to share your work with others, then use Passenger on your
Digital Ocean machine, or use Heroku or another one-button hosting
provider for that.


Can you try http://localhost:3000

On Wednesday, September 25, 2013 8:47:56 PM UTC+5:30,

If you are running your Web browser on the server, then certainly, that
would be the path to the server. But localhost is always your
computer. The one where you are running the browser, in this context.


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