Can't change projects RAILS_ROOT problem?

I have been learning RoR from Simply Rails 2. I have successfully made a
project which opens with http://localhost:3000/stories. I am trying to
run another project(browserCMS) and the install instructions say it
should open with
http://localhost:3000/cms but I get the following errors
NameError in CmsController#index
uninitialized constant CmsController
RAILS_ROOT: /home/neil/Desktop/RoR/ruby-1.8.6/shovell

shovell is the root directory of the stories project. Can I cure this by
changing RAILS_ROOT? If so how?


On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 5:45 PM, Neil B.[email protected] wrote:

changing RAILS_ROOT? If so how?
How did you install BrowserCMS? Is your intention to integrate
BrowserCMS into your existing project or just use it stand-alone?