Cannot type on the commandline (cmd) following chars for ex


I am total new to ruby so i need a bit help :slight_smile:

I have installed the instantrails package. After i set the environment
variable to

INPUTRC = C:\Programme\InstantRails\ruby\bin\inputrc.euro

after i started my apache and mysql server , run the cmd and entered
โ€œIRBโ€ then i tried to type some special chars like:

@ or [] and it worked an hour later actually i havent changed anything
(I swear :wink: ) i could not enter any special char anymore and it seems
now i have the us keyboard now. Normally i have a german keyboard
layout where the y and z is not exchanged.

Does someone know how i can manage to type the special chars again to
use arrays etc???

I can feel already now RUBY rocks :stuck_out_tongue:

suddenly after reboot all worked again LOL typicalโ€ฆ