Cannot remove Object::STRING


When I execute rake db:migrate I am getting following error.

rake aborted!
cannot remove Object::STRING

Everything was working fine just two days ago. How do I find what
change caused this problem. And what is this problem? How to fix it?



Hi Neeraj;

Neeraj K. wrote:

rake aborted!
cannot remove Object::STRING

I don’t know the source of the problem, but thought you might like to
you’re not alone.

I downloaded the new release of Instant Rails yesterday and copied an
existing application over. I’ve done this before and not had problems.
Yesterday I got errors very similar to what you’re seeing, although they
were ActionController errors when I started the app. The ‘cannot remove
Object::’ part of the message was the same, but for me it was appended
‘Comment’. The wierd part was that when I hit the reload button on the
browser the page loaded. That page has a form that submits to another
action in the same controller. Clicking the submit button got me
ActionController error. This one telling me no action responded.

I haven’t figured out what’s going on yet, but when I do I’ll post back.
Hope you’ll do the same if you figure it out first.

Best regards,