Cannot rake my gems


So in a recently previous post I explained I am having an issue that I
believe is due to the application being upgraded to 2.1 from 2.0.1

To minimize headaches I thought freezing gems would be a grandios

however I recieve this error and I am finding little information on the
web about it.

Code :

  1. webuser@server:/var/www/$ rake rails:freeze:gems
  2. (in /var/www/gdc)
  3. rake aborted!
  4. undefined method `version’ for nil:NilClass
  5. (See full trace by running task with --trace)
  6. webuser@server:/var/www/$

Does anyone know the issue?

I read that it is possible my gems might be out of date or rake might
be, so i try to update gems but I get a ‘Killed’ message with no sign of
a successful update.

Thank you for any knowledge you could provide.

try again with

rake --trace rails:freeze:gems

to get a more descriptive error trace

On Nov 13, 7:33 pm, Caps L. [email protected]