Cannot load any gems


I installed IronRuby 0.3.0 from github and ruby 1.8.6 on my windows xp
Further I installed the gem sinatra using ruby and edited the
ir.exe.config so that the ruby libraries get loaded.
When I start ir and type require ‘rubygems’ everything works fine.
When I type require 'sinatra# I get the following error:

(eval):3:in load_specification': private methodspecification_version=’ called
for #<Gem::Specification name=abstract version=1.0.0> (NoMethodError)
from specification.rb:406:in initialize' from (eval):0 from :0:ineval’
from source_index.rb:89:in load_specification' from source_index.rb:127:inload_gems_in’
from :0:in each' from source_index.rb:124:inload_gems_in’
from source_index.rb:80:in from_gems_in' from source_index.rb:51:infrom_installed_gems’
from rubygems.rb:125:in source_index' from custom_require.rb:104:ininit_gemspecs’
from custom_require.rb:51:in initialize' from rubygems.rb:211:insearcher’
from :0:in synchronize' from rubygems.rb:210:insearcher’
from custom_require.rb:26:in `require’
from :0

Thx a lot.


It worked for me with the latest sources. “gem i sinatra” installed
version sinatra- The issue was probably fixed independently.
Thanks for reporting anyway.

IronRuby on .NET 2.0.50727.3053
Copyright © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

require “rubygems”
=> true

require “sinatra”
=> true

If you want to build the latest version yourself and try again, has the info you need.


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