Cannot install heroku gem


I just started to study Ruby on Rails to use heroku.
I installed Ruby 1.9.3p327 and Rails 3.2.8 by using homebrew. (Mac OS X)
After install Ruby & Rails, When I type “gem install heroku”, below
error happened,

gem install heroku

ERROR: Could not find a valid gem ‘heroku’ (>= 0) in any repository
ERROR: Possible alternatives: heroku

In some Q&A site, it said it should be PROXY server problem, but I don’t
use it.
Another Q&A site said Firewall might be problem, but it doesn’t work
even if I disable firewall.

Could anyone give me advice to solve this issue?


I also tried to down load heroku gem directly from
but everytime I failed with the message “[502] Bad Gateway”

It seems like you have some unrelated network issue between yourself and Likely it’s a filtering proxy or something disrupting the

That said, Heroku has deprecated the gem distribution of their tools in
favor of the Heroku Toolbelt ( You should
able to install this without the use of rubygems.


It looks like the rubygems mirror in Tokyo was down for some hours

Hi John,

Thank you !!
I just tried it now and succeed to install heroku.

Kunio Takamoto