Cannot find in documentation anymore what tl is in Timeout::timeout(to) do |tl|

Timeout::timeout(OverallTimeout) do |tl|
# Until I find out what this is, Forget it…
# No doc on tl anymore!
#puts “tl: #{tl}”
probe_threads.each { |t| t.join }
puts “done”
rescue Timeout::Error => eo
puts “#{eo.message}, exiting before joining all probe threads.”

Can anyone help? Is it deprecated perhaps?

2009/6/30 Xeno C. [email protected]:


Can anyone help? Â Is it deprecated perhaps?

According to the document[1], tl is same to OverallTimeout.

BTW, I noticed the 1.8.6 document[2] is wrong in block parameter.
timeout(sec, exception=Error) {|if sec == nil or| …}

I guess it is related to the bug in the source code of 1.8.6 and 1.8.7
The first line of method timeout
return yield if sec == nil or
should be
return yield(sec) if sec == nil or



Park H.