Cancel button to close window

I may have something wrong here, but I just went to the latest visual
ruby gem, and now my modal windows won’t close. Same problem with the
ChildWindow example.
I’ve tried to follow the instructions on to get the
latest visual-ruby.
Here’s what i’ve got.
ruby 1.9.3 (no change)
GTK+ 3.6.7
gem install visualruby (shows 1.0.13)
I’m running on Windows XP.


I think the problem is that you’re using gtk3. visualruby uses gtk2.
Try changing that, and see if it fixes it. I know that the ChildWindo
demo works.


Hi Andru:

I think I found the problem. Glade must now install gtk3+ by default.
So to install glade w/ gtk2:

Remove your current glade install (this may not be necessary).

sudo apt-get install -y glade-gtk2 libgtksourceview2.0-dev

In your Tools->Project Settings menu, the command line for glade should
be glade-gtk2 for linux.

If anyone is using a Mac, please let me know if I need to update my
install instructions for Mac too.


Hi Eric,
Thanks a tonne, I am on windows so I am downloading the binary GTK+
I will let you know.

So I misunderstood a bit there! That didn’t work.
Do you have a sense of how you would specify gtk2 for windows?

I think everything gets installed automatically using the download on Uninstall your current version, and go to the Download
page for the correct file.


On, click on “Download”

On the windows instructions, you’ll see a link to this file:


click on it, and you should be able to download and install bundled
version of glade and gtk2.

Hope that helps,

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