Cancan breaks scoped mass assignment

Hi all,

I just installed cancan on a new project and found out that it creates
some problems with the new scoped mass assignment features of rails 3.2

Basically, in my User model I create some attr_accessible attributes in
order to avoid users to edit their roles or other sensitive information.
From the administration I allow admins to edit those protected
attributes by passing :without_protection => true on creation and update
of new users.

This works just fine, but adding cancan load_and_authorize_resource to
my controller triggers a “Can’t mass-assign protected attributes:
…stuff…” . This happens also when using something like[:user], :role => :admin)

I really can’t figure out how to solve this, so any help would be very

Thanks in advance.

I’m having that issue as well; I just told it to authorize_resource and
left off the load_resource… But somehow I don’t think that’s actually a
fix, or even a secure way of handling things…

Almost a year since you posted this… Did you figure it out? I wonder if
this is a bug in CanCan