Canadian Centre for Architecture uses Rails!

Heyo folks, the new site for the CCA has been up for the past month
or so and we (Bluesponge) are pretty proud of it:
We spent a lot of time on this site and used a lot of different
technologies to make it happen, including EXT JS, Liquid etc. The CMS
is a sweet app (which sadly none of you can see) but we’d love to get
some feed back from experienced users on any sort of issue
(performance being the obvious key criterion). In terms of full
disclosure, before this project started I was a total Ruby novice (and
still am relatively) but it was really easy to get into and I’d
thoroughly recommend using Liquid in conjunction for banging out some
sweet templates. For futher reference we also used YAML (for among
other things, basic config for the same Liquid templates), published
pages in XHTML, and JSON, and French and English, and used a bunch of
gems. It all gets pretty complicated under the hood but I believe the
site holds up quite well. Let me know what you think! Thanks