Can we generate .py file with old versions of GRC


Is it possible to generate the .py files using the GRC or does it only
create .xml files? I am using GRC 0.70 .


GRC 0.70 and below dynamically generated the flowgraph at runtime from
saved flow graph files.

The GRC in gnuradio 3.2 and trunk, generates python flow graphs, and
then executes the python code.


Is there a way that we can have the python code like the newer versions
GRC. This would be convinient to me. The reason why I need this is I am
currently looking at Ed Criscuolo’s GMSK_SPACESTATION project from CGRAN
this project is dependent on gnuradio 3.1.3 which doesn’t have a GRC
in it.


you could checkout gnuradio trunk or 3.2

cd grc
sudo make install

that will install only grc, and it just might be compatible with
gnuradio 3.1. Some things may not work, I cant say what will happen.


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