Can some please check the new `--css` flag for rails new (Rails 7)

Can someone take a look at this:

in particular, I suspect that DHH has some cached yanked gems on his machine that is causing new apps to build OK for him using the --css flag and --javascript flags. Either that or I have cached yanked gems, but the results are consistent so it must be something we haven’t thought of.

Some additional brain-power on this would be appreciated as I do believe there is something very funky going on and I’m concerned this might trip up other people starting new projects on Rails 7.

I am unable to get Stimulus working for new apps working at all using these flags (stimulus does not initialize no matter what I do)… No matter what I’ve tried, new apps won’t initialize stimulus for as long as I use either of these flags (–css or --javacscript)

Can someone else go through the steps described in the issue above and let us know what you get? In particular, assuming you cannot replicate the issue, I need to see the Gemfile.lock file created by the rails new command to confirm if we are starting out on the new app.

thank you Ruby Forum!



The problem here is that I was running my Rails server with rails s, which won’t install webpack as a node module.

You are now encouraged to use the new development command, which takes care of both (although requires a reload of the web browser to kick in webpack:

bin/dev rails

If using rails server (rails s), you must run npx webpack first or else your webpack won’t be installed.

Remember, this affects only apps built using the new --css and --javascript flags.

there are likely no yanked cached gems on DHH’s machine I just didn’t know what else to think of next!

Here’s an explanation about using the new Rails 7 ./bin/dev rails command