Can scaffold do tall tables instead of wide?

I’m trying to get data in rows instead of columns by default.

The default scaffold behavior is to create an initial table layout with
column headers along the top. In some cases this creates really wide
tables which require horizontal scrolling. Is there a parameter I can
use with scaffolding or a hack to get the header cells along the left
side of the table instead?

I’m eventually going to generate scaffolds then do some design on them
using Dreamweaver and wish there was an easy way to convert the default
wide table layouts to tall as a starting point.



I think what you might want to do is extend the ScaffoldGenerator
object and create your own scaffold behavior and code. I Googled
around for a bit for a nice place to learn how to do this and came
across this:

Hopefully that will help you learn how to create your own custom
generator which you can use in many future projects so that scaffolds
match your style of design and code.

Hope this helps,

To add to what Rick said, there’s also a recipe in Chad F.'s “Rails
Recipes” on developing your own generators and the example is concerned