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Hi all, I want to get usrp board schematic, and this link is usrp board
schematic pdf download link, however it can’t be open.

from this page:

this is the real link, though it seems not to be loading for me:


if I have two (or more) usrp2s, and I do a set_time_next_pps(), there is
(or is there?) a chance
that the pps could occur after the first call, so the second call will
set the second usrp a second later. I would need to know when there is a
pps or seconds transition prior to setup, then have one or two seconds
to call set_time_next_pps(). Ok, I could read the system time, but I
would need a gps with pps/ref out, and sync’d using ntpd or gpsd, and
this may not be guaranteed. Or I could just monitor the pps level via
the serial port (DCD, like ntpd does with nmea stream) to guarantee when
the seconds tick over. If the pps state could be read back from the
usrp (approx 80ns rtt) however, this would simplify the system and
hardware requied (USB dongle, TTL to RS232 convertor, extra wires,
etc…). So…

while (get_pps_level() == 0); // wait for edge
while (get_pps_level() == 1);

u1->set_time_next_pps(…); // We are guaranteed at least one second to
issue this to both usrp at


That would be useful for cases when your gpsdo does not have a serial
port or cannot be programmed to report a timestamp on the pps. I like
the idea; it would probably require an additional FPGA readback register
and some supporting host code.