Can I render a page using a template of another controller


I think it should be simple but not working for me.

class OneController < ApplicationController

def first
render :controller => ‘two’, :action => ‘first’


I want it to render using “/two/first.html.erb” but it still uses
Is :controller key not acceptable?

Actually, I’m practicing restful resources.
Models are like this: Message has many comments.
I want new comment form to be in the message/show page instead of being
separated on its own.
If the comment is not validated in create action, it’s supposed to
render message/show.
But it didn’t work as I expected.

Is it not allowed? If so, what’s the usual solution?




Thorsten M. wrote:

render :template => “two/first.html.erb”
works for me, maybe give it a try

:template works in rails 1.2.x.
However, in rails edge, it’s always relative path whether I put a
leading “/” or not.
So I had to put “…/” in front.

Anyway, it works.
Thank you very much.


render :template => “two/first.html.erb”
works for me, maybe give it a try

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