Can I delete the Restful Authentication files in vendor after generation

I built the “Bells and whistles” RA project and now I am wondering if
I still need the files in vendor. I don’t think I do, but someone
knows this for certain.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure because I have never used the plugin, but I think that RA
provides some specific helper methods through the plugin and so you
will want to keep it packed with your app.

Of course, I might be completely and totally wrong as well.

I’m not 100% sure but I am 99% sure because it just references the
file that is in the lib folder

I deleted the Restful Authentication directory in vendor and
everything still runs fine. The plugin appears to work as advertised,
which is that it generates code in the root rails app tree rather than
directing calls to code in the vendor tree.

good to know


Thanks for letting me know … eases my fears. :slight_smile:

Been using Restful Auth for my little project…not sure about the
latest github version, but the svn version (eg classic) just relied on
stuff in the lib directory (authenticated_system & the like). So as
long as you don’t need to generate a new user/session, removing it
from vendor is (as you found) just fine.

Just to let you know, that using the lastest “Master”
restful_authentication, the vendor folder must be kept.