Can I change group permissions from www-data to something else?


I want to
[] securely
] grant remote rw access
[*] to some web server data directories

It looks like there is need to change group name from www_data to
something else to accomplish that.

Is that ok for correct run of nginx?

Or would you know of any secure way how to grant rw access to some users
to only some web server data directories on Ubuntu? I do not want to
give the use shell access.

Thank you


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On 20 Set 2010 23h59 WEST, [email protected] wrote:


Suggestion: create user accounts for each one you want to give access

Symlink the directories you want to give them access to under /var/www
to one sub-directory of their home directory.

Depending on the application that the users are running some
directories would have to be owned by www-data. For instance, in
Drupal, the files directory has to be 775 www-data.www-data or
something along these lines.

Of course if your use case doesn’t consider files/directories created
by the application that each user is running then everything is much

Ex: users john and joan have can upload files to their personal sites.

/var/www/users/john/sites -> /home/john/sites
/var/www/users/joan/sites -> /home/joan/sites

— appa