Can BasicRx daughterboard receive FM and AM broadcast?

Dear all,

 I want to know the BasicRx daughterboard can receive FM and AM 

broadcast? I look the BasicRx daughterboard circuit diagram,but
can’t find any tune and filter on it. I know the USRP’s ADC sample
rate is only 64M, it can’t sample more than 32M base on Nyquist baseband
sample theorem,but the FM frequency usually is 88~108M. if usrp’s
ADC use Nyquist passband sample theorem,i think it must have tune and
filter on right? if the BasicRx daughtboard
can’t receive FM and AM,which is the optimum daughtboard?
thanks for any response.

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Don W. just wrote an answer to that question in another thread a
couple of
hourse ago, you can find it in the archives.

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