Can anyone suggest me for data import form Google Analytics


I have worked on intermediate project. Here they used 7 domains and
domains retrieved Google Analytics data properly.

Now i have create 3 new domains. It have records in Google Analitics but
can’t get the result form GA to our site. i got empty array for this 3

Gem: gem ‘google-api-client’

def self.pull_all
ending = - 1
puts “Ending date: #{ending.to_s}”

self.all.each do |view|
  beginning = Date.parse(view.daily_view_metrics.any? ?

(view.daily_view_metrics.order(“date DESC”) + 1).to_s :
next if beginning >= ending
(beginning…ending).each do |day|

previously i am not working in Google Analytics so anyone guide me.

Here is the way how I import data from Google Analytics:

First Step: Sign in to Google Analytics.
Second Step: Click Admin, and navigate to the property to which you want to upload the data.
Third Step: In the PROPERTY column, click Data Import. This displays the Data Sets page.
Four Step: Select an existing Data Set or create a new one to hold your imported data

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