Can anyone help me with showing lists with conditions?

i’m trying things out with rails, and I’m having trouble with showing
a list of products.
i hope someone can help me out with this…

my tables are simple and it contains the following fields

product table : id | Name | Price | Country_id
country table : id | CountryName

and I input products info with selected id numbers from the “country”
table and insert the into products.Country_id.

I am trying to show countryName from the country table on the products

it would be wonderful if anyone can help me out with this…

thank you


You must have defined has_many and belongs_to association for Country
and Product.

So now you can directly write:

-Hemali C.

Also you will make life much easier for yourself if you stick to the
naming conventions, so the column names will be id, name, price,
and id, country_name.

You might find this helpful


2009/5/24 Hemali C. [email protected]

Hi, I’m also new to rails and I’m trying the same thing. I’m extending
the Getting Started example to learn.

I’ve made an extra table called clients: (id | name) and I already
had the table posts: (id | title | content | created_at | updated_at
| client_id). The index view for posts loops through all the posts I
want to show the client name. I believe the way to do this is like

<% @posts.each do |post| %>

<%=h %> <%=h post.title %> [...]

I have set up all the assocations (posts belongs_to client, client
has_many posts) but it doesn’t work. I’m probably making a simple
mistake but hey, I’m new :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

On 25/05/2009, at 4:30 PM, [email protected] wrote:

<% @posts.each do |post| %>

How does it fail? What error messages does it give?
Please send us your full model code

When asking for help, it’s best to give as much context as possible.

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hey… Thanx Chauhan…
i got it working…
in my case, I used has_one with options…

thanx a bunch :slight_smile:

This is pretty weird actually, in the show view the name is displayed
(nice!!!), but in the index view (the list of all the posts) it isn’t
working yet. The code for the index view (not working) is as I wrote

<% @posts.each do |post| %>

<%=h %> <%=h post.title %> [...]

The show view (which works) is like this:

Name: <%=h %>

The error generated by the index view:

Showing app/views/posts/index.html.erb where line #12 raised:

You have a nil object when you didn’t expect it!
The error occurred while evaluating

Good job Mike that you got it working :slight_smile: It’s pretty hard for me
starting with Rails, coming from a PHP/CodeIgniter background. The
convention over configuration is really great though! I also watched
some screencasts last night, very useful!

hey… ( [email protected] )

i hope you got it working by now… :slight_smile:
anyway, I’ve got my problem solved like this.

i wrote

belongs_to :Country, :foreign_key => :Country_id
in products.rb … it means that the each products belongs to the
Country table
with the foreign_key of Country_id that matches with id field of the
Country table.
well, I got it mixed up with has_one and the belongs_to… ^^
anyway… then, in the view.html,erb file, i wrote
product.Country.CountryName %>
inside the <[email protected] do… loop… %>
and i got it working.
I hope this makes sense to to you… I’m new too… so I’m not sure if
I’m on the right track :slight_smile:

well I hope you get yours working with this, or with the better

good luck to both of us… :slight_smile:

On 5¿ù25ÀÏ, ¿ÀÈÄ3½Ã30ºÐ, “[email protected][email protected]

2009/5/25 pl [email protected]

Showing app/views/posts/index.html.erb where line #12 raised:

You have a nil object when you didn’t expect it!
The error occurred while evaluating

This means that post.client is nil (hence error with
you sure that all your posts have a client? You could use
<%= h if post.client %>
which will at least let it show posts that have clients and show nothing
those that have not, while you work out why some (or all) not.