Can Ajax updates more than one <div>?



I wish to know, is it possible that Ajax can update
more than one zone “

”??? like :

<%= link_to_remote(“Title”, :update => ‘mydiv0’, :url
=> {:action=>:say_hello} )%>

to be changed one
to be changed two

When I execute the code, only the first line is
changed, the second one doesn’t…

thanks you very much


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The link_to_remote will only update one DOM element. You may want to
look into RJS templates…they will allow you to do multiple updates
on a single AJAX call.

-Derrick S.


There is a section in “Rails Recipes” that talks about using RJS to do


Ditto to both comments above.
I was looking for the exact same thing, and RJS seems to be one of the
sane ways to do this.