Can a project use another projetc's model, controller,files?

i am working on a project in which we have two projects, one at admin
side and another at viewer side and we are using the same database for
that. now i am confused with this thing that can my admin project model,
controllers can be used with user project side.can i share the same
validations put in one model in admin project or i will have to create
again in user or viewer project?

if anyone is known about this, please help me out. your help will be
appreciable, thanks.

I’d seriously consider one project.

That said, you can share things numerous ways. Use SVN:Externals or Git
submodules to share models / controllers across apps. Or use plugins. Or
symlinks. Or use REST with ActiveResource. :slight_smile:

Lots of options, but the simplest is to just use the same app for admins

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I was involved in couple of projects with same idea. admin and client.
We used different controllers and views but shared Models.


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Hello Ajit,

 Hey it sounds good. Can you guide me how you shared model in two 


I think one application’s the best way to go about this too.

I even wrote a tutorial on namespacing: