Camping/FCGI (no Camping server) modtime update

Hey guys. I’ve been twisting Camping’s arm a lot lately… does
anyone have a suggestion on how to get FCGI w/ Apache to mimic the
auto update based on mod time like Camping server does?

I’m going live on a Dreamhost shared server (high-class, I know) so I
have to prepare for that eventuality. I can upload Camping manually
to my home directory and push it onto my loadpath, but Dreamhost
frowns on background processes that aren’t FCGI, so that’s why I’m
doing the arm-twisting.

I’ve looked at a few wrapper scripts I got in #ruby-lang, but none of
them matched my configuration (and I couldn’t figure out how to hack
them to do so).

So, any hints? I’m just looking for a way to avoid having to kill my
FCGI process and restart it every time I change a file.