Camellia_rb 1.2


camellia_rb version 1.2 released.
It supported ruby 1.9.1 rc1.

camellia_rb is a Camellia package for Ruby.
Camellia is a symmetric key block cipher developed jointly
in 2000e$B!!e(Bby world top class encryption researchers
at NTT and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

Camellia has been internationally recognized,
for example the selection project on the European
recommendation of strong cryptographic primitives,
NESSIE, evaluated Camellia to have
“many similarities to the AES, so much of the analysis
for the AES is also applicable to Camellia.”

Supported key length : 128bit/192bit/256bit
Supported modes of operation : ECB/CFB/CBC
license : see License.txt


from version 1.1

  • It corresponded to ruby-1.9.1-rc1.
  • ‘RSTRING()->len’ is changed to ‘RSTRING_LEN()’.
  • ‘RSTRING()->ptr’ is changed to ‘RSTRING_PTR()’.
  • This version is tested in ruby 1.8.5, 1.8.7 and 1.9.1 rc1
  • In the version before ruby 1.8.5 that can not use
    RSTRING_LEN/RSTRING_PTR, then they are automatically
    defined using RSTRING internally.