Calling scala from JRuby

I’m interested in using JRuby as higher level interface for a bunch of
scala code that I have … sort of a configuration management tool for
a scala-based project.

I’d like to be able to do rather simple things in JRuby like:

a =
puts # prints 10 for example = 20
puts #prints 20 now

puts a.myvec # [10, 20, 30]
a.myvec ={|x| x * 2}

Basically I want to peek and poke state variables and execute some code.

There are a few quirks with scala and JRuby that have been discussed
This solution (scala.rb link at the bottom of the post) appears to no
longer work (it’s about 2 years old), but would be exactly what I need
(I think).
There is a github project GitHub - wemrysi/jruby-scala: A Scala integration library for JRuby but
there is no documentation and I could not get rake to build/install the

And these forums seem to have no references to scala within the past

So are people using JRuby to access scala code in this way, and if so,
what tools work and are good?


I believe this one is better GitHub - mcamou/scuby: An integration layer between Scala and JRuby

Khaled alHabache
Software Engineer


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