Calling own classes within RoR


i am seeing some odd behavior inside a controller. I am including my
own class and calling methods on it. some of them work, and some of
them dont… very odd.

in top of the controller:
require “lib/swfcat/swfroom”

def preview
@swfRoomObj =
@swfRoomObj.loadRoom(@params[‘id’]) #this works
@swfRoomObj.roomRender(true) # this says "undefined method
`roomRender’ "

i cant understand why one method would work and the other not?
also, is there some odd caching of objects/classes going on? it seems
sometimes it takes a while for changes in source to be reflected in
server (usign webbrick/radrails)



  David "DC" Collier

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Hi David,

You might find more effective and poignant help either on the
RubyOnRails mailing list or on the #rubyonrails IRC channel on

Your problem sounds generic enough, though, that I will at least
venture some help.

Do you mind showing the implementation of lib/swfcat/swfroom.rb? What
exactly does #loadRoom do? Is it possible that #loadRoom isn’t saving
the results for the #roomRender method to perform on? Perhaps you
accidentally defined it as class method (as opposed to an instance


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