Calling Explicit Interfaces


Is this still a bug i.e. bug #23494.

i’m trying to use cucumber test a WPF app using the WPFAutomation.

there’s an explicit interface implementation of
System.Windows.Automation.Provider.IInvokeProvider on the
ButtonAutomationPeer class.

at the moment i’m getting around it by creating a helper object in c#

namespace UIAutomation {
public class InvokeHelper {
private readonly IInvokeProvider _provider;
public InvokeHelper(IInvokeProvider provider) {
_provider = provider;
public void Invoke(){

and then call in IR:
ih = bp

Is there another way to do this??

Yep, still looks like an issue. Tomas, the bug Michael refers to is a
RubyForge bug you opened in January:

So I created a CodePlex bug for it:

In the future, if there is a RubyForge bug that anyone cares about,
please move it over to CodePlex.