Calling custom active resource methods/actions

Hi, I’m trying to work with active resources in Edge, but I’m having a
difficult time trying to figure out the proper way to call custom
methods/actions. I have things setup so I can do the standard finds and
updates, but any custom method just doesn’t work. My model:

class HomeroomUser < ActiveResource::Base = ‘http://calamari:samplesize@localhost:3001/

I want to call the “authenticate” action in the other rails application.
I tried, :login => ‘someuser’, :password =>

It should return a HomeroomUser object if successful, but it only
returns an object like #<Net::HTTPOK 200 OK readbody=true>. I know the
correct action is called on the other end and data is returned, but
ActiveResource::Base doesn’t seem to be converting it from XML.