Calling coffeescript from view

I am using a WYSIWYG “ckeditor” in my rails project (ckeditor_rails
I am trying to figure out how to apply different toolbar configs on
different pages.

Here is the setup…

In the view I have <%= text_area_tag id=“ck_a”,
@formatted_question[:anno_a], :class=>‘ckeditor’ %>

I have created a toolbar type in the ckeditor/ file
(=None) which I would like to use on certain pages. The default is a
full toolbar .
CKEDITOR.editorConfig = (config) ->
config.language = “en-us”
config.uiColor = “#AADC6E
config.toolbar_None = []

I am trying to figure out a way to pass the toolbar type through the
text_area_tag options hash in the view to the javascript config but
really I don’t have a clue how to do this.

Just looking to be pointed in the right direction.


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