Calling ActiveX Dll

Hello -

I am new to Ruby and I am looking to see if ActiveX Dll’s can be called
from Ruby in Windows 7 Home Premium.

I have a third-party program somewhat like a spreadsheet program, which
has an ActiveX DLL providing an
interface to the program. This interface has commands such as FirstRow()
which moves the cursor to the
first row in the spreadsheet and returns a long integer representing the
record number of the row.
The author of the program has tested the Dll with Visual Basic 6 but I
would like to see if it can be used with a
modern language such as Ruby.

I have been reading Para 21.2 (p. 286) in the Pickaxe book ‘Programming
Ruby 1.9’ about Win32API,
but have not been able to guess how much of the example there is
relevant to what I am trying to
do. Is there full documentation of Win32API, explaining how to use it? I
am assuming that Win32API
is what I should be looking at.


John S.