Call Javascript

I have following code. I have included the javascript file at the top of
page. Still it is giving errors


<%= f.label :content %>
<%= f.text_area :content, {onkeyup="strcount(1);chngcnt(1);" onkeydown="chngcnt(1);" onblur="chngcnt(1);" onfocus="chngcnt(1);} %>

compile error
odd number list for Hash
…ount(1);chngcnt(1);" onkeydown=“chngcnt(1);” onblur="chngcnt…

Please help me in calling the javascript function on following events.
Where Am I wrong ?


<%= f.label :content %><br />
<%= f.text_area :content, 

,:onkeydown=>“chngcnt(1);” ,:onblur=>“chngcnt(1);”,
:onfocus=>“chngcnt(1);” %>


<%= f.text_area :content, {onkeyup="strcount(1);chngcnt(1);"

onkeydown=“chngcnt(1);” onblur=“chngcnt(1);” onfocus="chngcnt(1);} %>

The errors come from Ruby - inside the <%%> tag - not from Javascript.

Google for [ruby option hash], and compare it to what you wrote. You
need more
symbols and arrows in there…

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