Call for Volunteers - GNU Radio Website

Hello list!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been connected/active on the list.
talking things over Tom and others in the community it is apparent that
the GNU Radio “home site” is becoming more critical. Here’s some

Sometime around GR Con 13, it became evident that the GNU Radio
would benefit if we added a “customer facing” website. While all
content about installing and using GNU Radio would stay in its current
form, this new site would be a place where we could highlight our
communities success, post content about conferences/meetups, and just
generally give new people a sense of what we’re all about.

I volunteered to help put this together. But I’ve been pretty busy for
last 6 months, and to be completely honest I’ve just dropped the ball
So, I thought it would be best if I asked for help, and maybe found
who are much better at web design than I am! =) We’re pretty open to
any platform at this point (Wordpress, straight html, bootstrap, w/e).

Please shoot me a message if you think you help, and I’ll include you
on a
group discussion sometime next week.
I can be reached at my personal
address for the time being: [email protected].