Call for proposals to Red Dirt RubyConf

We are specifically seeking talk proposals on useful Rails
Please consider proposing a talk if you are extension developer or
experienced extension user.

This is the last week to submit a talk proposal for
Red Dirt RubyConf

We are seeking presentation proposals in one of four conference
themes, Ruby Implementations, Rails Extensions, Javascript,
and Cloud Services.

The Call for Proposals is now available online

We already have talks proposed on topic such as JRuby, Node.js,
Datamapper, CoffeeScript, MacRuby, Puppet, Rails, and Chef.
Be entered to win a prize for simply voting on the best proposals

Even though the deadline is approaching, please consider
submitting a proposal. Last minute proposals will be fully
considered! The submission deadline is Feb 1st.

Red Dirt RubyConf
April 21-22nd, 2011
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma