Call for presenters: CodeRage 2007, RoR track

My company, CodeGear (the Borland developer tools spin-off), is having
a free virtual conference called “CodeRage”, it will be two live
streams for 5 days.

I’m putting together a small Ruby and Rails track, I’m looking for
folks who would be interested in presenting a talk on Ruby, Rails or
some piece of related technology. At a minimum I hope to have a
couple of “basics” talks and a a couple of more detailed talks.

This will all be done via web-conferencing, and we’ll have live Q&A
sessions. Should be pretty fun, a sort of un-conference.

If you’re interested in participating just email me (jmcglynn at
codegear dot com) or give me a call in my office on 831.406.0126.

Details are below.


March 12-16, 2007 – Save the Date!!

Coming soon to the CodeGear Developer Network and hosted in
conjunction with CodeGear Learning, CodeRage is a virtual conference
where you can check out sessions by awesome CodeDudes on topics
covering Developer Studio (Delphi®, C++Builder® and C#Builder®),
JBuilder® 2007, and InterBase® - not to mention some sweet new
products you haven’t seen before.

CodeRage Highlights:
· Check out more than 60 technical sessions led by techy experts

· Hang out and chat with other developers just like you

· Scope out the virtual exhibit hall - see all the new HOT
products out there

· Killer product discounts for anyone who shows up - Now,
wouldn’t you hang out with these dudes just to get a product

Don’t miss CodeGear’s first ever CodeRage 2007 Virtual Conference -
March 12-16, 2007. This is the one online conference you really
shouldn’t miss! Registration and agenda details will be available soon
at, so you can to take part
in what’s all the rage this year - CodeRage. It’s gonna be off the

I’ve had several responses to my request for presenters for CodeGear’s
virtual conference, CodeRage. I’ll respond to eveyone by the end of
this week.

If you have an idea that you’d like to present please email me at
jmcglynn at codegear dot com
or give me a call in my office on 831.406.0126.

We’re open to anything Ruby or Rails related. If you’re interested in
attending the (FREE) conference, we’ll have sign-up details on our
website ( soon.


Hi Joe,

Joe at CodeGear wrote:

We’re open to anything Ruby or Rails related.

I’m trying to figure out why. Is CodeGear perhaps planning to offer
support for Ruby or Rails at some point? Or just trying to keep in
with all the Java / C# developers who’ve left those folds to ride the

Best regards,