Calendardateselect problem

I am using Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. for my date
time picker.
I am using format (:finnish)

and i am using

(:default => “%d.%m.%Y”)
(:default => “%d.%m.%Y %H:%M”)

in my enviroment. Everything is working fine on my machine. However
when I deploy on heroku day and month switch places so : 12.01.2009
becomes 01.12.2009 and then 12.01.2009 again (after another click).
Basicly if I have “wrong” date for example 25.05.2009 it breaks and if
i get “viable” date it gets written to DB with day and month switched.

I lost over 7 hours on this, and it is driving me mad… PLEASE
HELP :slight_smile: This was exactly thing that I feared most when I decided to
learn RAILS. (Loosing time on simle stuff)

Only clues that I have are - heroku has 1.8.6 ruby, and i have 1.9
ruby. Heroku OS culture is maybe different?

p.s. I am using exactly “mine” version of calendardateselect control
since heroku does not have it install (rake gems:unpack)

To answer my own question :