Calendardateselect + observe_form?

I am using to make
date-selection easier.
This is my current code. I’d like the selection of a date to trigger the
observe_form and call the partial to be rendered.
My current attempt is to update a hidden field within the form when a
date is
selected, because plain date selection did not seem to work.
Did I just screw up the observe_form / form_remote_tag setup?
Is there a better option for date selection which will easily trigger
the observe_form?


class DictatedExamsController < ApplicationController

def index
@users = User.all
@from =

def filter_widget
text = “”
params.each { |a, b| text << "#{a} => #{b}
render :text => text




<% form_remote_tag :html => {:id => 'input', :action => url_for(:controller => "dictated_exams", :action => "filter_widget") } do || %> <%= collection_select :widget_user, :id, @users, :id, :name, { :prompt => true } %> <%= hidden_field 'date', '' %> <%= calendar_date_select_tag "calendar",, :time => false, :valid_date_check => "date < (new Date()).stripTime()", :onchange => "date.value = $F(this)" %> <% end %>

<%= observe_form :input,
# The field to observe
#:with => :id,
# The input to validate
:on => “onselect”,
#:frequency => 0,
# The frequency in seconds to watch for changes
:url => {:action => ‘filter_widget’, :controller => ‘dictated_exams’ },
# The action to call when changes occur
:update => :filter_counts
# Name of the

to update
<%= render :text => "Results will be listed here." %>

Because it’s Javascript making a change, I need to make it refresh
regularly waiting for a change. On the bright side of things, if there
is no change, it does NOT trigger anything, which is nice.

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