Calendar icon for date selection functionality


I would like to add date selection functionality using a calendar
icon. Is there a tutorial anywhere I could use?

Thanks in advance.



this is the plugin u need

Ram wrote:

this is the plugin u need

Well, sorry to “resurrect” this post but I’m not sure on what should I
do: if I won’t use that plugin (I would like to use the javascript
datepicker from jquery UI), I would like to understand the way on how
the plugin “parse” the information for the database. By default, rails
receive input of a date from separated fields: how can I do the
same?Because I will send informations from a single text field and not
through 3 as rails normally do

I did this by adding accessor methods to my model which basically
translate from what the jquery date select thingy gives me to what the
model wants.

2009/10/19, Francesco B. [email protected]:

through 3 as rails normally do

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Thanks a lot, guys. :slight_smile: