Calendar capabilities

I’m a rails newby, and I’m looking to develop a page that has
calendaring functionality. I’ve looked at the available helpers:
DynamicCalendarHelper, CalendarHelper, etc, but I have not been able
to find what I am looking for. Here is the functionality that I am

  1. The functionality is much like that calendar in,
    with some additions.
  2. Event information would be persisted in a db table, and the
    calendar would highlight days which have events (ala
  3. Users should be able to hover over days with events to see the
    event details, or click on the days to “sign up for the event” (this
    may involve another form to enter additional information).

So basically, this calendar would need to generate it’s data (or
highlighting) from a db table, it would need to be page-able (by
month), and it would need to be “selectable” (by day) - which would
bring up a form and then persist some information to the db.

Has anyone seen, or done, any functionality like this?
Thanks for your help.