Calculating Phase angle between received downconverted complex baseband samples!


Hi All,
I am using ./ -f 2.4G to send some bytes from my own
file, and using ./usrp_rx_cfile -f 2.4G to receive the downconverted
baseband samples. The modulation I am using on the sender side is dbpsk.
Then, I use
read_complex_binary.m to read the samples into the matlab. Now, I
the phase angle between those samples using"angle" function of the
Shouldn’t I find some burst where the angle would be something like
“0 3.14 0 3.14 0 3.14…” if the bits I sent where “0 0 1
0 1
0 1 0 1 0 1 0…”. I hope this makes sense. Thanks…


PS: My final goal is to implement DSSS, and I am making quite a progress
thanks to all of you.