Calculating BER using for USRPN200

Hi ,
I have been trying to calculate BER on the USRPN200 using the benchmark
program , the path is given as follows …

/home/user/gnuradio/gnuradio-examples/python/digital-bert …

I have been able to get BER rates up to 0.017 (approx) values … But the
peculiar thing is ,i am getting BER calculations when i am not
transmitting BER values at all .

I have been able to transmit pseudorandom packets using the benchmark
programs given under the given path :

so there is no problem about the Source Destination as
far as i think , but the problem lies in the benchmark program given in
digital-bert which i am trying to use to study the performance results .

Please advise me on this regard .


Correction :
**i am getting Bit error calculations even when i am not transmitting
packets at all , this leaves me wondering that the particular benchmark
for studying BER values r not working at all …